Georgin Studio Tour

Participating Artisans
B – Barb Thistle – Fabric Creations
(Showing at 283 Kenwood Avenue, Keswick, ON  905-252-3025

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Thistledown Creations is a handmade, creative and fun collection of original Children's clothing and accessories, all made with love.
Barb Thistle in her home business creates Children's Clothing and accessories in the Town of Keswick. Her entire line of work is handmade by herself. She creates beautiful products for children of all ages, utilizing materials that are soft, long lasting, reliable and very manageable. Open all year by Appointment Only. Thistledown Creations

283 Kenwood Avenue, Keswick, ON

B2 - NEW ARTIST – Vilhelm Vegh – Multi-Media Sculpture Art
(Showing at 51 Lake Drive North, Keswick, ON 905-989-0512)


Born and raised in Transylvania, from an early age, Vilhelm scored the highest in his art classes, received local awards and had his works displayed in public.  In Europe he received a classical training with inspiration from the masters of old.  From pencil drawing, watercolour, and acrylic, to egg tempera, sculpting, and oil, Vilhelm reveals his multi-media talent.  His passion is watercolours yet he enjoys three-dimensional sculptures in wood, plaster and even metal.  In what some would deem unusable firewood, Vilhelm envisions the finished sculpted work within. He carves wood in such ways that its colour, beauty, and secrets of the tree are at last revealed.  That once refreshing life of the tree, where the birds sat on its branches and squirrels made their homes, is brought back to life in its new art form as a legacy of former glory. Vilhelm never stops learning, and was a part of the North York Artists’ Association where he studied egg tempera paintings.  This will be Vilhelm’s second time participating in the Georgina Studio Tour.  He has created special tools for sculpting tough plaster and loves to share these latest techniques and inventions with all.  Open year round by appointment only.

Studio: Unique Wall Designs
51 Lake Drive North, Keswick, ON  905-989-0512

C – Debora Bergeron – Acrylic Painter
(Showing at 839 Lake Drive North, Eastbourne (Keswick) ON 1-416-720-1959)

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Debora has always shown a passion for the arts. From a family of European artists, she has been surrounded by the masterpieces of many relatives – including her great grandfather Otto Geismer – a renowned European painter of the Impressionists period.
Debora's work invokes warmth and movement. Her use of colour and understanding of lights and darks create balance and harmony. “I’ve always loved using colour to create a mood.” She has had various private and corporate commissions, including a triptych featuring her “red birch” series for the Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club.
She is on the board of directors for the North Toronto Group of Artists (NTGA). This is the first year she will be participating in the Georgina Studio Tour.

Open in the summer by appointment only.

Toronto or Keswick

C2 – NEW ARTIST – Piri Pandy – Painter
(Showing at 909 Lake Drive North, Keswick, ON  905-476-3957)

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Having retired from teaching, Piri was looking for a new creative outlet. 
After making the rounds of the Studio Tour 3 years ago, she was inspired to paint.  Her friend and artist, Linda Hobson, encouraged her to take up painting, and Piri started to take lessons from her.
Piri likes to paint a variety of subjects – generally using lots of colour and interpreting her subjects in her own unique way.  Despite her relatively late start, Piri has developed a loyal following and had some several commissions.  She won a honourable mention for one of her paintings at her first showing at the Georgina Art Gallery.

Open year-round by appointment only.

Instagram:  piripandy

D – Joanne Rich – Papermaker & Paper Light Sculptor
(Showing at 969 Metro Road North, Keswick, ON  705-279-4824)

Cash, The Square

Joanne’s inspiration to create formed during her time as an art director in major advertising agencies. She enjoys the challenge of applying her creativity to branding products, but was uncomfortable with her role in mass production.

Perhaps her art is a reaction against her earlier career. After selling efficiency and uniformity, her pieces have evolved towards a more natural focus. The forms are free flowing, random, and spontaneous. She doesn’t preplan or work from a sketch. She enjoys the process of jumping straight in and playing with the materials — bending it this way and that — allowing it to become the shape it wants to become.

The materials she chooses to create her sculptures are inspired by observing how animals create their homes. Full of creativity and ingenuity, basic materials found within their living environment are converted into functional dams, nests, and hives.

Over the years, her backyard has become the source for her materials. Dogwood is used to form the skeleton for her light sculptures. Plants used for papermaking are grown for their fibers. Flowers and leaves are picked, pressed, and added to her sculptures as inclusions. With this process, the light diffuses through her work in a much more natural way, highlighting all those wonderful imperfections found in the materials nature creates.

Open year round by appointment only.

Sculpted Light
E – Lesli Fisher – Painter
(Showing at 231 Lake Drive East, Willow Beach, ON 647-261-6614)

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ATM nearby

Lesli Fisher graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with a major in drawing and painting. She is a teacher with the YRDSB and taught children's art programs for a number of years. At this time Lesli is primarily interested in painting landscape, plants, animals, insects and flowers. Especially flowers. Birds and common creatures one might see out on a walk in the forest, at the park or garden are a favourite theme. She currently prefers a loose expressive painterly style. Her work ranges in size from smaller paintings of one to two feet in height - to much larger paintings at four to five feet in height. Lesli experiments in a variety of mixed media including, collages, watercolours, and beaded jewellery from time to time.

Open year round by appointment only.

231 Lake Drive East, Willow Beach, ON

F – Kristen Lavender – Watercolour Artist
(Showing at 811 Sedore Avenue, Willow Beach, ON 289-264-4164)
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ATM nearby

Kristen has a love of watercolour painting and storytelling through her art.  She captures memories of community landscapes and specializes in turning her photography into original paintings.  If you have ever thought about turning your own photographs of favourite places into a painting, commission Kristen to create a custom watercolour for you.  Great gift idea for friends and family. 
Watercolour courses for children and adults available.

Open during the studio tour or Open year round by appointment only.


F – Tim Lavender – Wood Carver
(Showing at 811 Sedore Avenue, Willow Beach, ON 905-967-4362)

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ATM nearby

Tim is a third generation woodcarver; he started as a young teenager wanting to spend more time with his father. As he grew older his passion for all things natural brought him back to this art form. He enjoys creating fully textured bird carvings in which each feather is drawn and carved individually then painted. He also enjoys creating smoothies, which relay only on paint to create the depth and softness of each bird’s feathers.

Tim creates both life size and miniature versions of the songbirds, birds of prey, shorebirds, and waterfowl that he enjoys watching in the wild. He continues to use his art to express and share his love of nature with others.

His work continues to grow and develop as he explores new techniques, tools, and acquires additional knowledge through wildlife study and time spent learning from his father and his peers.

Open during the studio tour or Open year round by appointment only.


H – Suzanne & Brett Cotton – Stained Glass & Glass/Earth Elements
    – Bill Cotton – Lapidary (Rocks) & Glass/Earth Elements
(Showing at 82 River Street, Sutton, On 905-722-3148)

Cash or Square

Suzanne’s glass pieces with a difference include cut and polished stone and fused glass. Other pieces include elements from nature and created in Suzanne’s Sutton studio.

Brett started in the art glass field when he was in high school and then studied at Sheridan College. His different glass art pieces are in stained, fused glass and flame working.

Bill has added natural, organic & reclaimed objects to go with his rocks, glass, driftwood from Lake Simcoe, Black Walnuts, feathers, beads, to create earthy jewellery and wall pendants. Bill does stone cutting and polishing. He also cuts and polishes the stones Suzanne uses in her pieces.

Open year round by appointment only.

Glass Earth Creations
82 River Street, Sutton, On 905-722-3148

Handicap_accessH – Cheryl Fulcher – Jewellery Designer
(Showing at 82 River Street, Sutton, ON 905-722-3148)


Growing up with an influence of invention and attention to detail, Cheryl brings a natural flow and balance to her jewelry. Starting from various gauges of sterling silver and copper, she hand-winds and saws wire into links making timeless classics and fascinating original designs. In addition to her necklaces and bracelets, her original earrings are complimented by beads and semi-precious stones. She has also added a fun, colourful side to her work by using stainless steel and rubber “O” rings. After being a perpetual night-class student in Jewelry Arts at George Brown College for 16 years, Cheryl has now set up her own studio in Island Grove, ON.

Open year round by appointment only.

Chained Reaction
Toronto or Island Grove Call for an appointment.

Handicap_accessH – GUEST ARTIST – Laurie Larson – Stained Glass Artist
(Showing at 82 River Street, Sutton, ON 905-722-3148)


Laurie is an artist whose media is the traditional form of 'cold' stained glass, both copper foil and leaded, with a little mosaic work for added interest! Laurie learned her craft at Thornhill’s Glowing Panes Studio and fell in love with the art.

“It is a curious dichotomy – a juxtaposition of the creative and the technical”, explains Laurie.  Laurie’s typical pieces reflect her love of nature, but occasionally she will branch out to something more abstract. She works in various genres but her style is all her own. Laurie designs and produces her creations, which include lampshades, windows and panels, garden stepping stones, and three dimensional decorative items. She accepts and enjoys commission work: “It is a challenge to give your client exactly what they want and at the same time to satisfy your own creativity.”

Open year round by appointment only.


Handicap_accessH – Penny Gyokeres – Photographer
(Showing at 82 River Street, Sutton ON, 905-722-3148)
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Penny's inspiration stems from her father's love of photography and film. From a young age, Penny watched her father behind the lens taking pictures of everything from life events to architecture, and knew she wanted the same experience for herself.

She grew up in Toronto and has been a cottager on Lake Simcoe for 35 years. Through her love of nature, she has been drawn to landscapes, sunsets, and the challenge of photographing lightening and birds. Her eye is also drawn to old structures and vehicles, where she loves to find detail that may normally go unnoticed.

Penny is exploring new mediums including stretched canvas and images on metal to add other textures to her prints. Her growth in photography is constant.

Open year round by appointment only

Coined Images Photography
Toronto or Island Grove, ON

M – Linda Hobson– Acrylics & Watercolour
(Showing at 189 Hedge Road, Jackson's Point, ON 905-722-0104)

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Linda's watercolour, acrylic and mixed media paintings cover a wide variety of subject matter – landscapes, florals, farm animals and people, architecture, impressionism and abstracts. She has exhibited at the Loft Gallery in Clarksburg, the Georgina Art Centre in Sutton, the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg and has won many awards in art shows held in Ontario. Recently, one of her florals was chosen for the Spring Edition of Arabella Magazine and all of her work can be viewed at her home in Sutton.

Open year round by appointment only.

189 Hedge Road, Sutton West, On L0E 1R0   

N – Leslie Sedore – Weaver
(Showing at 135 Sibbald Cres. Jackson’s Point, On 905-722-6597)


Leslie's work includes hand-woven wearable’s, from vests to scarves and shawls, as well as accents for the home, hand dyed towels, baby blankets and more. Her one-of-a kind leather purses are new this year, as well as some beautiful leather muffs reminding us all of days gone by. These unique woven items catch the eye and lift the spirit.

Open year round by appointment only.

135 Sibbald Cres., Jackson’s Point, ON 905-722-6597

N – NEW GUEST ARTIST – Monty Fillier – Painter
(Showing at 135 Sibbald Cres. Jackson’s Point, ON 905-722-6597)
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As a self-taught artist, Monty’s paintings directly respond to the surrounding environment as a starting point, often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. His works establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence. By applying abstraction, he tries to focus on the activity of presenting. His works are presented with the aim not to provide an idealistic view but to identify where light and the environment are important. The energy of a place and its emotional and spiritual vibrations are always important. His work as evolved over the years but is goal is to keep on learning new techniques and skills and have fun along the journey.

Open year round by appointment only.

e-mail: Fillier Art

Mount Albert, ON

O – Barbara Banfield – Potter
(Showing at 339 Hedge Road, Jackson’s Point, On 905-722-3537)


“ A craftsman becomes an artist when she/he starts innovating. The experiments blur the edges between craft and art, who can say if that is a pot or a sculpture” – From: Crafty Artist Exhibits: Frank Ross

Barbara Banfield came to clay after twenty years in the garment industry. A lifetime of working with her hands, found her at Sheridan College graduating in 2010. Barbara is fascinated by the endless possibilities and process that working with clay demands.

Her most recent body of work is a response to the study of non-objective abstract painting. Abstract painting abandons attempts to represent the world in identifiable ways. It expresses not so much a retreat from reality but rather a different kind of relationship with reality. It uses a sense of balance, materials and in particular texture, creating imagery without always providing an obvious point of visual reference.

While creating pieces that are useful to every day life, my intention is to bring the user closer, observing the hand made object. Combining form,
texture and dynamic glazes she strives to find a sense of harmony and

Open year round by Appointment Only.

Sunnidale Pottery
339 Hedge Road, Jackson’s Point, ON

O – Roland Peacock – Carved Wooden Sculptures
(Showing at 339 Hedge Road, Jackson’s Point, On 905-722-3537)

Cash Only

Roland expresses his deep respect for and knowledge of nature, along with his concern for a natural environment increasingly degraded by human impact. Crossing the boundary between folk art and fine art, each works brings together carving, painting and the artist’s overarching message of sharing the Earth. In 2000, Roland moved to the countryside near Lake Simcoe and began working in wood rescued from split-rail fences abandoned in the old hedgerows on his property. His works have been in different shows and galleries since 2003.

Open year round by appointment only.

Sutton, On

O – GUEST ARTIST – Tod Waring – Waring Works, Designs in Metal
(Showing at 339 Hedge Road, Jackson’s Point, On 905-722-3537)

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Tod Waring designs and crafts unique metal pieces for the garden and home.
His designs include plant sculptures, garden states and trellises, railings and wind driven whirligigs. He earned a B.A. in Fine Art at the University of Guelph. Tod has been active in the arts community since 1980. He participates in numerous gallery exhibitions, studio tours and arts and crafts events and collaborates with clients on custom metal projects. Tod’s work is inspired by his summers of camping in Ontario wilderness and his love of gardening in this Toronto backyard. An appreciation for design – old and new – and a sense of whimsy are displayed in his work.

Open year round by Appointment Only.

Toronto, ON

P – Andy Dubrawski – Handcrafted Wooden Items
(Showing at 389 Hedge Road, Jackson’s Point, ON 905-617-9344)

or Cheque

Andy’s cutting boards, trays, coffee tables, benches and occasional tables are handmade at Hedge Road Woodworks a woodworking studio on the south shore of Lake Simcoe. Typically local woods are sourced such as Black Walnut, Maple and Black Cherry, often showcasing the live edge of the wood. Every piece bearing the logo was designed and created by the studio's owner, Andy Dubrawski, and are made for anyone who understands the beauty of handmade items from natural materials and who is grateful for the bounty of our local harvest. Reclaimed barn timbers are re-purposed as benches and coffee tables.

Open year round by appointment only.

Studio: Hedge Road Woodworks
389 Hedge Road, Jackson’s Point, ON
Phone: 905-617-9344

R – Nadya Edwards – Mixed-Media Artist 
(Showing In the upstairs of Homestead Orchards Barn Store at, 
3961 Old Homestead Road, Sutton, 905-722-5325)

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Nadya Edwards is a mixed-media artist, photographer, teacher, passionate, wanna-be buddhist, minimalist with too much stuff and a work-in-progress. Once again, she will be at Homestead Orchards in Sutton, so drop by to see her new work, meet fellow artist Thelma Sellers and discover the yummy apple treats of the orchard.
with gratitude...nadya

She is a girl from the north country, who lives in the forest with her very tolerant family and a plethora of animals. Mr CFO is my husband of eons, my children Miss Know-It-All (self proclaimed) and my son The Juicer are ever present to guide me through this wild, strange thing we call life. Nadya is a person who could easily withstand being under house arrest, she loves to be in her home studio creating. She finds beauty in her everyday life and transform what inspires her into jewellery & art.

Nadya loves taking pictures, loud music, red wine and cute babies. She enjoys hats and wears many of them. She is a work in-progress and passionate about what she likes & loves. She enjoys letting hery freak flag fly and observing how true honesty makes people uncomfortable. She tries to be fearless. She am busy creating new canvases, making hand-bound journals and maybe conjuring up some surprises!

Open year round by appointment only.

Studio: lil'things by nadya

Pefferlaw 905-868-0914

R– Thelma Sellers – Painter Visual Artist
(Showing In the upstairs of Homestead Orchards Barn Store at, 3961 Old Homestead Road, Sutton,

Debit, The Square

Visual Artist Thelma Sellers works in acrylics, collage and water media to paint her feelings of connection to nature through shape and colour. Her paintings express serenity, playfulness and exuberance in abstracted or non-objective renderings of the landscape of her farm and rural wilderness sites.
Thelma will be exhibiting her works in the upstairs of Homestead Orchards Barn Store, 3961 Old Homestead Road, Sutton.

Phone: 905 722-3347

Handicap_accessS – NEW ARTIST Anna Whitmore – Painter
(Showing at Egypt Hall, 6756 Smith Blvd, (Park Rd. & Smith Blvd.), Pefferlaw, ON)

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the bottom of a canoe, the wind in my face, the sun on the water and the joy of nature in my lungs. The wilderness is where I am completely me. It is my love for the wild that has shaped my life and has led me to become an artist.

When I was twelve I saw my first Tom Thompson painting. It was then that I realized art was a way to express the essence of nature. I began sketching my cane trips and experimenting with oil paints to capture the wild. As I grew older my love for nature turned into a passion for art.

As the age of thirty I quit my job as a teacher to pursue my passion. I immersed myself in the study of nature. For three years I made nature and those who studied her my teachers. I studied the writings of Thoreau, Olsen, and Muir. I canoed into remote lakes and lived on lonesome islands. I intentionally surrounded myself with the wild and learned the importance of silence, the necessity of struggle, and the beauty found in death and rebirth. These lessons inspired and shaped my art.

After three years of intentionally studying nature and developing my point of view I began to show my work. In the last six years I have continued to express and share nature’s lessons through my art with the help of galleries and outdoor shows, as well as a residency in Quetico Provincial Park.

Open year round by Appointment Only.

3 Franklin Beach Road, Jackson’s Point, ON

Handicap_accessS– Malcom Madsen – Silversmith
(Showing at Egypt Hall, 6756 Smith Blvd, (Park Rd. & Smith Blvd.), Pefferlaw, ON)

Cash Only

Tantalizing pieces of jewellery created from impressions of actual insects, mammals, reptiles and parts of their skeletons cast in sterling silver. They are truly unique and many are adorned with semi-precious stones while some have moveable parts. His high quality workmanship is ---- eccentrically amazing and stimulating to the imagination.

Open year round by appointment only.

Sutton West, On  905-722-8875

Handicap_accessS– GUEST ARTISTSarah Porter – Jewellery & Glass Artist
(Showing at Egypt Hall, 6756 Smith Blvd, (Park Rd. & Smith Blvd.), Pefferlaw, ON)
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Sarah's jewellery-making techniques continue to evolve as she explores different media to create unique pieces that are eye-popping, fun, elegant, sassy.... each piece has a personality of its own. From her initial creations of sterling silver chainmail and wire-wrapping, she has now added art clay silver (a moldable silver clay that, when fired, leaves behind 99.9% silver) and fused glass creations (pieces are designed and then fired at up to 1500 degrees in a kiln) to her dazzling line of jewellery. She has also expanded this love of “warm glass" to include art pieces from the functional to the fanciful, but always beautiful - platters and wall art, birdbaths and bowls - and much more.

Sarah enjoys learning new techniques, enabling her to push beyond the boundaries of her previous creations. She also loves working with clients to create designs "from the ground up" to match their desires and personalities.

Open year round by appointment only.


T – Graham Ames –Multi Media Garden Artist
(Showing at Wilderness Places Studio 6045 Frog Street, Pefferlaw, ON 905-722-8021)

Cash or Cheque

I see the ability to transform everyday objects of the modern world into other things with new meaning as my contribution to art making. I move and re-shape these found objects in glass, wood, stone and other media, into a new purpose and message to my art viewers. I like to highlight nature in my art. My art is by nature Ecofriendly, being fully recycled and re-use material. My work always has an edge, a sharpness to it. In the end I seek to motivate and inspire the viewer, particularly the young.

Keswick, Ontario L4P 3P9

T – Heather Charles – Multi-Media Artist
(Showing at Wilderness Places Studio 6045 Frog Street, Pefferlaw, ON 905-722-8021)

Cash or Cheque

Heather Charles exhibits original art items created with acrylic/watercolors, ink, carved items from wood and possible antler, leatherwork, painted bone items etc. In the past she has had art displays at a past Georgina Studio Tour, at the Toronto Exhibition – featured in the Native Pavilion – Kids & Teens Edutainment event.

Heather has also undertaken architectural projects including a designed archway/entrance undertaken private exhibitions of her work at her home and at her local Community Centre and the Sutton Library in the Town of Georgina. Heather brings together many experiences and mediums to create her unique art, often with a strong natural theme. “She has always created for the sake of creating, and personal expression."

Georgina Island, Town of Georgina, Region of York, ON

W – David and Sonia Mitton – Re-cycled Garden Art
(Showing at 69 Station Rd., Pefferlaw, On L0E 1N0  705-437-1943)

cheque or etransfer

Sonia and David have a true love of what some would call scrap, they grew up during a time when you were forced to use your imagination and see something inside of something.  David is a Heavy Equipment Mechanic by day but a driven Artisan by night. He has always been intrigued with discarded broken parts that are replaced with shiny new ones.  And then this is what has brought him to the idea of recycling farm/construction equipment parts.   Each piece, one of a kind, and hand crafted is typically produced from 80-90% of recycled and/or found metals.  They include Sundials, lawn decorations, garden sculptures, animals, birdbaths, flower planters and much more.   Waste not want not is a good motto to live by in our society.  David and Sonia are trying to do their part to take discarded items and create something that will ultimately be good for the planet and bring joy into someone’s life.
Come visit our new studio/workshop, (A repurposed sea container of course)

Open year round by Appointment Only


David and Sonia Mitton
69 Station Road, Pefferlaw, ON 

Y – Bill Major – Woodworker Artisan
(Showing at 11 Corners Ave., Port Bolster (Pefferlaw area), ON 289-221-1174)

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Bill Major’s wood placemats, cheese boards, and live edged tables are made in his Live Edged Woodcraft workshop on the southeast side of Lake Simcoe.

Bill uses crosscut slices of wood, sourced from reclaimed wood from local sawmills. His unique approach shows the rings of the trees from which they are cut. He treats his cheese boards with 10 coats of natural hemp seed oil, which makes their natural wood patterns almost leap off their surface. Bill then mixes hemp seed oil with natural bees wax for two more coats to make his cheese boards water-resistant and alive with a beautiful sheen. He finishes his live edged placemats and tables with a hard wax/oil, made from naturally occurring oils and waxes. You are always invited to drop in to catch a flavour of Bill’s passion for live edged wood.

Open year round by Appointment Only.

Live Edged Woodcraft
11 Corners Ave., Port Bolster (Pefferlaw area), ON
705-437-2188; cell-289-221-1174

Z – Jean Stephens – Quilter, Fabric Artist
(Showing at 12 Corners Ave., Port Bolster (Pefferlaw), ON 905-952-9719)

Cash, Cheque

The sewing/quilting field has been my reprieve for the past 20+ years. Being a strong advocate of machine quilting, I encourage same artisans to go one step further and gain confidence with finishing their own quilts using their domestic sewing machines. To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

Open year round by appointment. 

One Step Ahead Creations Studio
12 Corners Ave, Port Bolster (Pefferlaw), ON
705-437-1189 or cell 905-952-9719

Participating Artists' works are all One-of-a-kind items and welcome commission pieces. Learn more about the artists by visiting their own websites, as available.

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